Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beating Bullies Under A Blood Moon

Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last musing, so I thought I would take the time to catch up with the world of Michael Andrews.

In the last couple of weeks I have been trying to hit the marketing trail, learning more and more how to make an impact on twitter (which you can follow me @forthelostsoul ) and in 5 days I have over trebled my followers, and am gaining new ones daily.

For me, this most important event in the last two weeks was the contact that I had with the UK anti bullying charity,   I am in the process of finalising my poetry collection for release on Kindle, called "The Empty Chair", which aims to highlight the effects that bullying can have.  I wanted to have a section of the book dedicated to the help that victims of bullying can receive and BeatBullying is the largest charity in the UK dedicated to this.  I had found a superbly powerful poster that they produced some time ago and I want to use it within the book, but of course, the big thing is permission.  Hence the desperate need to make contact and on Thursday this week, that was achieved.  I am still thinking about price, but as I will be donating a big part of my royalties to the charity, I am hoping that people will look to this as a way to donate while still enjoying my poetry so I will be looking at around the £3.99 mark.

The next project is also underway.  I have been throwing ideas around for what I want to write next in terms of my fictional writing and having taken some advice from the author forum that I am on, I have decided that rather than a full length novel, I am going down the line of shorter, novella style books, but in a series.  Sort of like a TV series where each book is a separate story, but there will be a series plot running across all of them.  As well as the main two characters, there will be reoccurring minor characters, both good and bad!  The first book has the working title of "Under A Blood Moon" and the series currently is called "The Alex Hayden Chronicles" although that is still in the air.

I have also got a publicity meeting arranged on Monday with a local publication that has a readership  of around 10,000 people so this should also help promote the poetry.  It will also be interesting as Gail, the lady I'm meeting, has bought and read "For The Lost Soul" so will be nice to get some face to face feedback!

That's it for now!  Peace, love and chocolate marshmallows!

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