Friday, 1 November 2013

The Empty Chair now released on Kindle

It's been a busy few weeks for me, so firstly apologies for not blogging!

The big news from the World of Michael Andrews is that my anti bullying poetry book "The Empty Chair" is now up and running and available on Kindle (and other smart devices via the free Kindle app).  It contains seventeen poems, all based on bullying and the effects that it has, not just on the victims themselves, but friends and family as well.  There are also weblinks to my chosen charity and some concerning statistics from various studies into bullying in the UK.

Did you know that on average TWENTY schoolage children in the UK kill themselves each year because of the effects of bullying.

However, there is help out there and in the UK, anyone concerned can go to and find a lot of advice, adult counsellors and even mentors of schoolage children who have had training to help other children their age.

If you think it's a worthwhile cause, and want to help in a roundabout fashion, for each copy of "The Empty Chair" that is sold, I am donating royalties towards the charity.  So if you want to grab a copy, please click on for your copy in the UK, or in the US.

Talking of the USA, I need to give a big shout out to Alisha, who has invited me to guest on her internet radio show, Bully Survival Radio.  It's very short notice but it is TODAY at 6pm GMT and I will be reading some of the poems from my book, as well as talking about it, the inspiration behind it and bullying in general.  You can find the link to it on my facebook page which is here...Michael Andrews Facebook

And as I am in a generous mood, as a teaser and a sign of goodwill to all and sundry, here is one of my poems from the book.  So if you do like it, please help me support the charity by grabbing a copy and leaving a nice review if you do enjoy it.


Stand Up To The Bullies

Sometimes you don’t know what to do.
The so called cool kids pick on him,
And you think you should step in
Not knowing if they’ll start on you.
Do you stand up and see it through?
Up to now he’s been alone.
Plant a foot forward, be like stone.
To support the kid who gets so hurt ,
Over how the thugs treat him like dirt.
The things they do and things they say,
He barely makes it through the day,
Even though he says he’s okay.
But you know he not and so you’ll stand
Under pressure but you’ll take his hand.
Like all bullies, they won’t like it
Like all bullies, they’ll hide from you
If you show the needed grit.
Each one of us must take a vow to
Stand up to the bullies.