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Here is a list of the books released by Michael, along with their covers and descriptions.  To visit the Amazon page, just click on the book title and you will be taken to your relevant Amazon site.

It's been a peaceful two months in Blackpool since the battle at the Church of the Merciful Heart and the destruction of the vampire pack, but when human remains are discovered on Marton Mere, the police try to play it off as a wild animal attack.

Teenage vampire Alex Hayden is not so easily convinced and soon reveals a cover up of the murders. However, he discovers that the truth is worse than he feared.

A pack of Lycans have made their home in Blackpool and with the full moon just days away, it's up to Alex, detective Harry Shepherd and their friends to stop the werewolves before they kill again.

The Howling Wind is book two of The Alex Hayden Chronicles

When Detective Harry Shepherd stops a young teenager throwing himself from the end of Blackpool pier, he has little idea that the world around him would change forever. As the boy scampers away, he vows to discover why the lad was so willing to die.
However, Alex Hayden is no ordinary teenager, but one with an insight into the multiple murders that are occurring within the town. Sensing a loss within the soul of Detective Shepherd, he becomes embroiled in the search to stop the killer at the risk of exposing his own secret.
As the worlds of mortals and the paranormal collide, Alex and Harry battle to stop the vampire pack from achieving their goal of forming an army that would rip apart the fragile balance between the two worlds.
Under A Blood Moon is the first book in the Alex Hayden Chronicles.

After years of relentless bullying, teenager Joseph Harris is close to despair. When he is assaulted at school on his sixteenth birthday, both his teachers and parents ignore his pleas for help. Seeing no other choice, he takes his own life to end his misery. Expecting to be damned to Purgatory, Joe awakens in Limbo where he is offered the chance of redemption. He is tasked to save the soul of an innocent child, one at the centre of a battle between God and the Devil. At stake, the souls of all the Lost Youth, the bullied children who have taken their own lives and are damned to Hell.
As the child grows, the Forces of Hell send their top General to torment the boy, to drive him to follow Joe's fate, while Joe combats the threat with his own growing power and understanding of the Ethereal World. Finding allies and enemies in unusual forms, Joe struggles to keep the child from falling into the hands of Satan and his Demon host as they seek to capture the Soul Key, an entity which is blocking their entry back into Heaven.
As Angels, Fallen Ones and Demons gather, the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy lead the celestial forces to battle “FOR THE LOST SOUL.”
A collection of emotive poetry based on the subject of bullying. Featuring poems told from the viewpoints of victims, family, friends and bystanders, each verse tells a sometimes harsh and stark story of the pain and suffering that bullying can cause, and the efforts that we should take to put an end to hate crime.

With information and web links to the UK charity, people affected by bullying have the resources to find out what support there is for them, or how they can help others.

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