Friday, 30 August 2013

Up & Running

Hi everyone,

As a lot of authors have them, I've decided to give it a go and see if I can create a blog that will keep you interested and up to date with the imaginative world of the mind of Michael Andrews!!

Who am I?

I'm an international selling author on three continents, just about anyway, wannabe poet and general all round guy who is looking to try to make writing a successful career, or at least one that will buy me a couple of beers every now and then.

So what am I going to include on my blog?  What shouldn't I include on my blog?

I will post the usual updates about how my debut full length novel, For The Lost Soul, is doing, along with my short stories, all of which are available through Amazon to read on your Kindle (or your free Kindle app).

I'll keep you informed of my curent work in progress and forthcoming projects.

I'll even tell you what is keeping me smiling in the world, or looking for the nearest pint to drown my sorrows in!

Hopefully you will like the blog and I'd appreciate any helpful comments that you may have!

Thanks for reading



  1. A bit dark, but you have the contrast down good :-D
    I've got you followed! Happy blogging Michael!

    1. there you go...lets try the red! does this work a bit better?

  2. Ok, if I did it right, I'm following too. I'm new at blogging too, can ya tell?

    1. thanks Jo...I'll find your blog and follow you as well.