Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Where am I? What have I been doing?

Ooopise!!!  Once again, my blogging has taken a back seat as I've been concentrating on various writing projects and also other social aspects of my life.  No apologies for that, I guess, but heck, I really do need to make more of an effort with my blog.

Therefore, this is the first of two blog posts that will hit the page over the next week to ten days!  PROMISE!!!

So what are these projects that I've been upto?

Well, Dragonfire is coming along... slowly!  Chapters 1-7 are off at the editors and I'd say that I am somewhere between a quarter and a third through the story.  There are new character to meet, old friends and foes who reappear and, of course, where would we be without a death to a major character!!!  It's been a while since the last big death so I thought it was about time to send one of the gang off to meet their maker!  Don't hate me when you read it :-))

The writers group is also keeping me busy.  There are a group of five of us who meet up each month and encourage each others efforts.  Somehow, I got landed with the job of being the chairman so I responded by setting some tricky homework assignments haha.  This month's is particularly hard.  If anybody fancies a go, the assignment was to write a story, any story, any genre.  However, it has to be 26 sentences long.  Each sentence has to start with the next letter in the alphabet to the previous.  BUT you don't have to start at A, you can start anywhere.  If you do have a go and want some feedback from the group, feel free to email it to me at

You may have noticed a different email address to my usual one.  That's because FINALLY I have my own website!  With a great deal of appreciation to Pete at App Intelligence, you can see all of my books, latest news, my book club and even links to download sample and buy my books by visiting

I have also been doing some more book reviews and this is my latest one.  It's not what I would normally read, being a scifi / fantasy geek, but I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has a young child.

I Am Here!  Where are you? by Anita Jones

5 stars - An excellent book for parents with younger childres.

I am here! Where are you? tells the story of Ajay, a young Indian boy living in a suburb of Mumbai.  It starts off in his room before zooming out step by step until you get to see the universe.  On each page, you are invited to discuss the space where Ajay is and then compare it with the space that you and your child are in.

As an education tool, it is a wonderful idea, teaching children about spacial awareness while comparing it with an environment that they probably would not be aware of, ie Ajay's life in India.  It introduces the idea of cultural diversity as well as giving a very brief lesson about world conservation.

I can see that Ms Jones is well versed in children's education, with the idea to stimulate speaking and listening with observations, while Sam Smith has done a brilliant job with the illustrations.  They are bright and colourful and should be guaranteed to hold a young child's interest.

Aimed at children between the ages of four and eight, it is a clever concept to engage parents and children.

I am here! Where are you? is available on Amazon, currently at £2.99 and you can get it by clicking here

Well that's it for this quick update.  Next up is an interview with an exciting new band, Born Zero, who have just released their debut song.  We are just finalising the details of the interview, making sure that there is nothing untoward in their answers haha so expect to see that posted, with links about how to find out about the band in the next few days.
Peace out!

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