Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bullying. Does it never end?

Please forgive the formatting but I want to get this out today rather than spend days formating it,

I've not mentioned this much recently but it is still an issue close to my heart, especially with recent incidents that have happened. Bullying is despicable and should not, will not and cannot be tolerated. How many more lives must be lost before we take a stand and stop it?
Recent records show that 4400 deaths in under 16's in the US are as a direct result of bullying. How is that right?
To some people, bullying is not something that they think happens. Its the funny joke. It's the bit of fun that they have at someone else's expense. Its the silly name calling that they do, the silly texts and emails. The facebook posts.
But for those on the receiving end of the endless abuse, it isnt a joke. It is bullying. It makes their life hell.

In the UK, yesterday it was announced that a 13 yo boy killed himself after a video of him being beaten up went viral.
There are so many more stories. When are we going to try to protect our children? Do you want to protect your children?
Or do you think it is just "part of growing up?"

If you do, I say "fuck you!" If you are willing to let a child be pushed to the point of where the only way they feel they can end their torment is to kill themselves, then you are scum. If you do not like that, please feel free to defriend me because you are certainly no friend of mine.
Here is a reminder of what could happen.  Please watch.
Cyber bullying hurts!

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